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P-Valley Episode 209 Episodic Stills

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Just about everything that has happened in Chucalissa on this season of ‘P-Valley’ has been contingent on the outcome of the city’s mayoral race. A winner was finally crowned.

Last week, things seemed to be going according to plan for Andre (Parker Sawyers), Hailey (Elarica Johnson) and Corbin (Dan Johnson). They were gaining ground in the race and it seemed that Andre’s win was all but certain. Hailey and Andre rushed back to his home to celebrate but instead found Britney there waiting. As one would imagine, she was not happy to see her husband with another woman despite her transgressions. She tries her best to reassure him that she’s still in love with him. Andre expresses that she might be in love with version of him that she met, which in fact is not the real him. Their discussion is interrupted when Corbin calls them to come to the podium. Although he ended up giving a speech, it wasn’t for him being announced as the mayoral elect. That speech belonged to Patrice Woodbine (Harriet D. Foy), who surprisingly won the race. Even though he lost, Andre announced that he would be moving back to Chucalissa and starting a law practice. He broke the news with his wife standing next to him, having to act as if she was okay with it.

Elsewhere at The Pynk, Lil Murda (J. Alphonse Nicholson) was ready to go back on stage after the brawl. He stares into a cracked mirror and sees numerous versions of himself. He takes his grill out and tells DJ Neva Scared to cut the music. He raps the first verse of his new song, ‘Seven Pounds of Pressure’ acapella. He raps the verse directly to Mane (Thomas Q. Jones), who is standing front and center. The lyrics of the song are quite revealing. Basically Lil Murda is claiming Pico’s death. Mercedes (Brandee Evans) comes out to dance alongside Lil Murda as he performs the rest of the song. This surely will ruffle some feathers later on down the line, especially because Mane feels as if Mercedes chose a side.

After Lil Murda and Mercedes are done performing, they head backstage where they find Uncle Clifford (Nicco Annan) crying. Luckily, they were’t sad tears that she was shedding. We find out that Grandma Ernestine (Loretta Devine) is still alive and will be able to come home the next day. The news that Ernestine survived Covid-19 is combatted with the sad news that Lil Murda is about to leave to go on tour. Clifford explains that for Lil Murda to become the star that he can be, he has to leave Chucalissa. He also knows on the same token that Lil Murda probably won’t become the star he can be if the world knew exactly who he really was. Mercedes on the other hand is becoming more and more comfortable with who she is. Farrah (Shamika Cotton) has started to send her royalities for using her likeness in her photography exhibit. She uses the money to reopen her gym and fix its walls. Fresh off of becoming mayor elect, Pastor Woodbine comes to the studio with good news also. She lets Mercedes know that Shelle has decided to go to rehab and left Terricka in her care. Patrice thinks it’s best that Terricka stays with Mercedes.

While things were looking up for Mercedes, the same thing can’t necessarily be said for Hailey. The whole whipping scene from last week’s episode was a diversion. Hailey figures out that Uncle Clifford made a backdoor deal with the Kyle’s. A canal is being built from the Mississippi straight to the Kyle’s doorstep. This would allow the casino to still be built without having to touch The Pynk. Hailey’s plans to sell The Pynk are now ruined. On top of this, she isn’t obligated to anything except for the $250,000 that Corbin wrote to Clifford. Clifford willingly gives her the check and informs her that she’s buying her club back. If Hailey didn’t choose her own personal gains over the club and the relationships she had built at the time, she might’ve had some people on her side. Instead, Big L (Morcco Omari) and Diamond (Tyler Lepley) backed Clifford up when she told Hailey she had to leave.

Hailey’s plan wasn’t the only one to fall apart. Keyshawn’s (Shannon Thornton) were also derailed in heartbreaking fashion. After getting some money that Lil Murda owed her, she headed over to her sister’s house to pick up her babies before getting on the road. She is shocked to find out that Derrick already has the kids. She is even more shocked when she returns home and sees that Mississippi Child Services is there investigating her over the evidence of child abuse that Derrick (Jordan Cox) committed against their children. The whole interaction sends her spiraling in anger causing her to attack Derrick in front of the child service worker and police officer who she also strikes. Keyshawn ends up in jail and calls the man who saved her last week, Diamond.

The episode ends with Ernestine’s welcome home party, that she arranged herself. We’re surprised to see that Lil Murda actually didn’t go on tour. He shows us to the party (which might not have been the best idea since Mane is definitely gunning for him). Clifford and Murda share an intimate conversation where he spills what happened with Teak and that he has cancelled his tour because he wants to be with Clifford. In the middle of their discussion, Big L storms in and tells Clifford he has to show her something very urgent. He shows her that Hailey has tipped the club’s accounts. Clifford decides to take some of the same drugs she was just cursing Big L out about. She starts to feel good and returns to the party lit. Her and Lil Murda share their first public kiss in front of everyone at the party. Everything seems like it’s going to end well until Diamond heads out to go handle a situation for Keyshawn *cough*. As he’s grabbing some things out of his trunk, he’s attacked by a masked person wearing all black.Despite being stabbed, he tries to put up a fight but is blindsided by another masked person. The masked attackers are revealed to be Big Bone (Miracle Watts) and the leader of Montavious’ gang. The last scene shows Diamond being stuffed in the truck and kidnapped.

Scene by scene, this season has captivated us and also left us with countless moments that had our jaws on the floor. Going into season three, there are even more questions that we need answered than we did coming into this one. Where did Hailey go? Will she make her way back to Chucalissa to tell Andre about her pregnancy? Will Keyshawn finally find a way to get her and her children away from Derrick? Where’s Uncle Clifford and Lil Murda’s relationship go? Will Mane get his revenge on Lil Murda? How will Mercedes’ life change now that she’s done working at The Pynk?Is Big Bone going to take out everyone who had anything to do with Montavious being murdered? We could probably think of 100 more. The anticipation for season three is already through the roof. Slide in the comments and let us know how you felt about the second season of ‘P-Valley’ and share your predictions for next season.


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