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The Weeknd’s latest album, Dawn FM, was released last week on Jan. 7. While the album received mixed reviews, it is the legendary features and narration that makes this some of Abel’s best work yet.

Some fans adore The Weeknd’s fifth studio album turned custom FM station. While others believe it’s not his greatest contribution to music.

Regardless of fans’ feelings, The Weeknd compiled a project including extraordinary talents. The album features narration by Jim Carrey, guest vocals from Tyler, the Creator and Lil Wayne, and spoken word appearances from Quincy Jones and Josh Safdie.

One of our favorite moments from Dawn FM is the narration provided by comedian and actor Jim Carrey on the last track “Phantom Regret.” Carrey appears on the project speaking on the importance of life.

He introduces, “So sit back and unpack. You may be here awhile.”

Carrey takes moment to analyze the highs and lows of life. He gets pretty deep with where our spirits may rest before reaching heaven. Hence, the title “Phantom Regret” as The Weeknd hums gently in the background.

Another memorable quote is: “Were you ever in tune with the song life was humming.”

Our second favorite moment to note from the project is from Quincy Jones entitled “A Tale By Quincy.” He shares a story about love, raising children, and his family upbringing. Jones mentions how he was left alone with his dad and little brother because his mom was sent off to a mental institution. He shares how his life woes affected the way he emotes romantically.

“Whenever I got too close to a woman I would cut her off,” he shares in the tale. Quincy does on to share how his relationships were all rooted in fear and in his words, “totally subconscious.”

“Looking back is a b*tch, isn’t it?” Quincy ends the tale.

It is without fail that The Weeknd completely humanized some of the greatest living legends like Carrey and Jones. Their contributions allowed fans to understand how we are all similar than we may believe.

Dawn FM may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is certainly worth a listen. Take a listen to The Weeknd’s latest album available on all streaming platforms and dive into your subconscious.

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