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For every material girl obsessed with her gems this product is a dream come true. Want to find out how your 925 silver bling can heal your face? Well, silver has healing properties that have been used by doctors throughout time to speed up cell repair by blocking bacteria’s ability to transfer oxygen through its cell walls. Hippocrates, the Father of Modern Medicine wrote about it as an antibacterial cure.

Argentum as it is called is mentioned in the book of Genesis, and besides paying debts with it, eating with it, and wearing it; ancient civilizations used silver to disinfected water and for food during storage. This explains why you see silver goblets on the tables of kings and queens. Voyages across the world would not have been possible if it were not for silver coins placed into barrels of water and wine to keep it pure during voyages. Today you still find it in silver cream used to treat burns.

I’m excited about COR, the Silver Soap® its puts an important element to work. Cor’s ingredients are nano silver, silica and a special delivery system which allows the active ingredients to get to the core of problematic skin. Silica prepares the skin like a sponge by drawing the silver particles in. In order to activate the ingredients you’ll need to create a rich lather and apply the foam to your face. Once the foam is on your face, leave it resting for another one to two minutes then rinse with warm water and pat dry. As it restores the pH of skin your healing begins. On occasion it may make your skin feel a little tight, just decrease your foaming time. Use it only once per day and after the first week reduce the time the foam is left on your face.

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In about a week you will see a difference. FYI it works wonders on back and chest acne… get a little help with the lathering part, jump into a steamy shower and rinse. Samples start at $14 and the large bar is lots more but last for six months. Silver has long been used to help heal burn victims due to its known anti-bacterial and cell regeneration properties so, Cor commissioned its own “skin bling” in the image of the silver soap sitting on its soap dish and partnered with The Burn Institute to donate 10% of all sales from the necklace. A win-win for all …enjoy!

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