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As per usual Boosie Badazz has once again run afoul of the culture as his most recent “WTF” moment came when he criticized Lori Harvey’s “body count” after it was revealed that her latest superstar boyfriend is one Michael B. Jordan.

After inexplicably mansplaining how we need to stop “giving women the power in situations like this” and how we need to “start giving the bachelors, the men, who are running through a beautiful woman like this the credit” (Huh?!), Boosie caught as much backlash as he did when he criticized Dwayne Wade’s fathering, and of course, getting his underaged son some professional, well, we ain’t gonna say it.

Being as unapologetic as a man who oozes toxic masculinity can be, Boosie doubled-downed on his stance regarding Lori Harvey’s love life. With a caption that read “FUCK YALL I SAID WHAT I SAID,” Boosie took to IG to say he wasn’t “hating on Lori,” but went on to state “If you sayin’ ‘let’s go’ that means you want your daughter to fuck seven or eight, nine ni**as in a couple months…in the industry. If that’s cool with you, for your daughter doing that…then I can’t say sh*t.”

The man has eight kids with six different women by the way, allegedly.

He then went on to compare Lori’s situation to that of say a Tammy Rivera, who’s been constantly criticized for taking back Waka Flocka after many a cheating accusation.

“But what’s wrong with y’all mothaf*ckas is…y’all salute the woman who get passed around, but y’all dog the woman who stick by they ni**a when they ni**a fuck over. Y’all dog the real bitches who stick by they ni**a, but y’all salute the bitches who go from hand to hand. The world fucked up.”

Yeah, Boosie really don’t care what anyone feels about his stance on this. Mike Tyson might have to check him again to get him to rethink everything, or something.

Check out the video of Boosie mansplaining his justification below and let us know if y’all gonna continue to call for his cancelation. Y’all more than likely will.

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