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The summer is here!!  Well, sort of.  It’s impossible to keep up with this constantly changing weather, putting a huge damper on our cute summer outfits. Nobody wants to carry a heavy jacket around with them in June.  Generally, the easiest solution is to throw a lightweight sweatshirt over what you’re wearing and carry it around with you. Luckily, jean jackets and blazers are in so you can be warm while looking cute and having something small enough to throw in your bag when necessary.

What’s the point of wearing a cute outfit if you’re just going to cover it up with a baggy sweatshirt?  Jean jackets and blazers look cute while still showing the cute outfit underneath. They have the ability to dress up or dress down an outfit, making them suitable for any occasion!

Jean jackets could easily come off as farmer-ish, so it’s important to find one that fits you right.  Anything too long or baggy can look sloppy.  Jean jackets that fall above the waist generally cover you up just enough without being overbearing.  One problem that people often have with jean jackets is finding something to wear them with.  Denim on denim can easily come off as “too much jean”.  Something that generally works is a jean jacket with a bright colored top underneath to provide contrast.  Just to be safe, the bottom should be anything but blue.  White or off-white is usually your best bet, so that you get enough contrast while drawing attention to each part of your outfit.  A jean jacket over a bright colored dress gives you a pullover with style.

An easy way to dress up jeans and a t-shirt is to add something with a little more edge- a blazer.  Blazers are light and comfortable while adding glam to any t-shirt and jeans. They’re something you can wear to work and keep on when you go out for drinks after.  Blazers can be formal or informal, depending on what you dress them up with.  The good think about blazers is that they can be worn with jeans, work pants, skirts, or dresses.  When it comes to jean jackets and blazers, the sky’s the limit!


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