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A Hanes shirt is the white tee of choice because the shirt can endure anything. I think of it as a blank canvas: dress it up or dress it down, you can do anything you desire to your plain white tee. The plain white tee should be an essential part of a college girl’s wardrobe. There’s no need to spend fifty dollars on a designer plain white tee, when you can snag a Hanes tee shirt for usually five dollars or less, and that will do the trick. Here, 20 ways to pump up the volume with your plain white tee!

1. Layer It!: It’s always simple and fun to wear the season’s brightly colored tanks (teal, yellow, and neon pink) underneath your plain white tee. The white tee tones down these bold colors, and simply offsets the bottom of the tank top so that your white tee doesn’t look so plain anymore.

2. Dress It Up: Want to wear your plain tee to a party? Just pair it with a classy pair of blue jeans or even a cute black sequin mini skirt, and layer tons of flashy necklaces and pearls as your accessories. Everyone will be so dazzled by your necklaces, that they will have no idea that you’re wearing just a plain white tee!

3. Be Interview Savvy: One of spring’s premiere trends is the military blazer. The military blazer is a great piece to have when you are going on an informal interview. Just put the plain white tee under your blazer and button one button and you’re good to go.

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4. High Waist It: All you have to do with this look is simply tuck your plain white tee into a high skirt or short. The plain white tee has a great draping effect. It can look like you didn’t try hard and you threw it on mindlessly, or it can look crisp and fresh.

5. Wear a Vest: Vests are always a great way to layer your plain white tee and can be a great going out look. Look for great vests in the sale section of Urban Outfitters and even the Salvation Army.


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