Notable Quotable: 19 Great Joseline Hernandez Lines From “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta”

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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta would be rather lack-luster without Joseline Hernandez, the Latina rapper seeking stardom so she won’t have to return to her previous stripping career. Joseline, Stevie J and Mimi’s love triangle acts as the most entertaining debacle on television right now.

It is the modern black-day “All My Children!”

Despite the critics and naysayers, we can’t get enough of Joseline. Read through for some of her greatest quotes (and our commentary!)

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19. “Stevie gave me so much more than you think he just want to f**k on me. He just everything to me. It’s not about the sex” -F**k on you?

18. “Everybody think she a bad b***h, he get all the b***es, it’s not really about Stevie getting in my pants. You know what I’m saying, I want Stevie forever.” -I can’t.

17. “It ain’t about f***ing or sexting, it’s a for everything with Stevie and I, he’s f**king my brain.” Again…he lays down the pipe [Links (not really) to the d**k pics]

joseline hernandez

16. “Oh, she’s hot!” [Refers to: Joseline Hernandez Of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” A Man?]

15. “Daddy, I’m gonna turn around and look at you, cause you know that if I don’t toast and look at you in your eyes, it’s seven years of bad sex.” -You can’t make this s**t up…

14. “A man gon’ be a man and you gon’ just have to get that through your head, that don’t men I’m f**king him” -Yeah…No!

13. “Til’ you see us kissing, til’ you see us sexing don’t come at me with that. I can’t help that I’m beautiful and I can’t help that he beautiful and yeah when we step in the building we look real good together. But Stevie and I have great chemistry and I can’t help that!” – She really believes this huh?

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12. “We kiss on the lip?” -Does she mean “lips?”

11.  “You better act like you f**king know!” -Stevie J knew what time it was. She backed him down real quick! Watch him stop in his tracks.

joseline and stevie j

10. “Go home deal with your emotion. Let him go to the studio with his artist that’s going to make him a billion f**king dollars!” -Doing what?

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Episode 1:

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9. “Say hello when you come in the room first. Be polite. Sit down” – Sit dog, I thought I trained you already.

8. “I’m a bad little bush” -Too easy…too easy.

7. “No fairy godmother this month” -WTF does this even mean?

6. “Mimi don’t run nothing over here and Mimi don’t run nothing over there neither.” – Well this is actually just accurate.

5. “The hell is you talking bout?” -We were wondering the same thing!

4. “Somebody is going to get that a** and I hope it’s somebody young and fast so they can whip that a** cause honey you deserve that a** whooping cause you talk too much.” – huh?

3. “Why is you drilling me right now?” -That’s what got you here, boo boo!

2. “I ain’t been f***ing nobody for the last six months, but you!” -#B***hPlease #LiesJoselineTells

1.  “He threw a drink at me and messed up my fur furraah, that I got from Neimans. I could have killed him. Oh but don’t worry, he’s gonna buy me a new one! -We think she meant fur, but then again…we don’t what the f**k she is talking about.

stevie j joseline pregnant face

And, that face! #Priceless #Tenseface

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Episode 2:

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